Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Last Thing You See by Emma South

There's no training in existence to make you immune to the pain you risk when you give somebody your heart.

 The Last Thing You See was a sweet short story that had so much potential but for me ended out being just an alright book. The first chapter was brilliant and drew you in to the story right from the start. The story itself flowed very nicely and it was a fun, laid back read. Harper was a very likable main character and I couldn't really fault her at all. She had a bit of a tortured past and although she was a celebrity she was still down to earth. I loved that she made most of the the moves. Harper knew what she wanted, she wanted Nick and she went about getting him no ifs or buts about it. Her mum pushed her and she pushed right on back. 

In the words of Harper Bayliss every girl needs a bad boy in her past. We've all been there and we've all got that bad boy. Nick was a fantastic male lead but he certainly wasn't the bad boy that we were all looking for. Nick was so sweet and I feel like his story was sold short. I feel like there was so much more there to be told. I wanted to know more about him and about his scars but it was all brushed over fairly quickly. The same could be said for the ending the story was being built up and then bam ending. 

Emma South did a fantastic job with The Last Thing You See it was just missing those little things that would've made it an amazing book. The romance between Harper and Nick flowed very nicely and certainly wasn't forced. I loved the trip to the group home and maybe a few more visits could've been added to the story as well as more flashbacks from Nick. The letter from Harper's birth mum nearly had me in tears at work and it would've been nice to know what some of the other letters had said. Overall this was a fun read and I will certainly be checking out some other books by Emma South.

3 out of 5 Stars!

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