Sunday, 19 July 2015

Original Source Shower Gel

I received the watermelon and jojoba oil shower gel in my June Bellabox and I only decided at the last minute that I would do a review on it. I had taken a break during work the other day to grab a few things over at woolworths when I saw that these were on special for $2.04. That is half price people so I grabbed two others to go with my one from Bellabox. I grabbed the Vanilla and Raspberry and the lime shower gel cos who doesn't love a lime scent.

I had a very love/hate relationship with the watermelon and jojoba oil shower gel. I couldn't actually decide if I liked the smell or not and I kept changing my mind on a daily basis. It had that very fake fruity smell to it. I had a similar issue with the vanilla and raspberry shower gel. Some days I loved it and some days I hated it. The lime shower gel though was amazing and reminded me of lime icy poles. As far as shower gels go these are okay. They aren't really anything amazing but they were cheap and do make for a nice enough showering experience. I wouldn't say my skin felt amazing afterwards just normal and average. This is quite a cheap product and you can't argue with the price  when on special of $2.04 even the normal price of $4.09 isn't too bad. It is only a 250ml bottle though so it's not really practical for my husband and is only something that I would grab when it's on special.

3 out of 5 Stars

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