Monday, 20 July 2015

Fallen by Karin Slaughter

Despite what you men want to think, we ladies don't sit around talking about y'all all the time.

The awkward charmer Will Trent is back to solve another difficult case and it doesn't get more difficult than when your partner, her children and her mother are involved. Faith was also back in this book and I feel like she has become a stronger character since having little Emma. I loved that Sarah finally made a move and that her and Will did progress somewhat in this book. The book was also helped along by Mrs Levy the dangerous old lady next door and by Roger Ling the demented criminal. I would've loved to have seen more from both those characters but the snippets we got were enjoyable enough. This book saw a lot of characters coming and going both from the police force, those from Evelyn's former corrupt team and a whole heap of gang members. Having so many character's did make it hard to follow at times and also made the story drag in some parts.

It has to be said I still hate Angie. I honestly haven't hated a character this much in such a long time. I wanted to be able to reach into the book and strangle her with my bare hands. The hold she has on Will and the way that she torments him is just horrible. Kudos to Karin Slaughter for making me feel so passionately about a character even if it is a negative feeling. Honestly I could just sit here and gush about Karin Slaughter for days. I don't get tired of her books and eagerly anticipate the next one over and over again. The character's are fabulous and the stories keep you guessing right until the end. This book was let down a bit by the drag that was occasionally felt and by the overabundance of characters that maybe weren't required. It's interesting to see that the next book in the series is only a novella. I tend to steer clear of a series that has too many novellas in it but as it is only the one I guess I will allow it.

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