Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Violet Box - July 2015 Unboxing

Not long ago we all received the devastating news that this will be the last box that we receive from Violet Box. I only just received my box today so it was quite late but I guess that they have been very busy with everything that is going on. Violet Box was in my opinion the best of the monthly subscription boxes so it is sad to see them closing down. I only started receiving Violet Box earlier this year and I was never disappointed. I've also ordered from their online store on a number of occasions and have never had any problems.

This month we received the following products:

Mr. Bean Coconut Coffee Scrub: This was the featured product for this box and you could get coconut or mandarin. To be honest I wasn't fussed which one I got but was leaning towards the coconut so I was happy when I received it. I'm fairly new to the whole scrub trend so I am interested in giving this a go.I opened it up to have a bit of a sniff and couldn't pick up the coconut smell but there was definitely a strong as hell coffee smell. Lesson 1 in scrubs, they are messy, very very messy. Recommended Retail Price is $17.95

Starlooks Lip Pencil: I think it was last month that we received a starlooks lip gloss and I really liked it so i didn't mind seeing another starlooks product. I don't really like lip pencils though so this product is a little on the useless side for me. Recommended retail price is $9.95

Urban Skincare Co Resurrect Hair Wash: I don't mind receiving hair care products in these boxes but Urban Skincare Co has just been through all the subscription boxes the last couple of months so i'm a little sick of seeing them. In saying that though I gave this shampoo a go tonight and it was a good enough shampoo. I wouldn't pay that price for the full size product but as a sample it's not bad. 35ml sample. Recommended retail price for 500ml is $26.95

Urban Skincare Co Recovery Conditioner: As per the above i'm a little sick of the Urban Skincare Co products but will use this up as it is quite nice. I forgot to mention that these products do have a very strong and interesting smell to them. I've never been able to work out if I actually like all their products scent's or not. 35ml sample. Recommended retail price for 500ml is $26.95

Tarocco Body Wash: I love receiving body wash because we go through so much of them in our house so I generally have to stick to cheap bulk body wash. I wasn't really a fan of the smell of this product but it is nice enough that I will use it up. 45ml sample. Recommended retail price for 253ml is $18.00

Etat Libre D'Orange: I had to suppress a groan when I saw this sample. This is the second sample from this brand that I have received and like the last sample that I received this has also gone straight in the bin. I'm sorry but the smell of this one and the one that I received last time is just so masculine. It doesn't suit me at all. 1.5ml sample. Recommended retail price for 100ml is $199

I hate to say it but Violet Box has not gone out with a bang. I expected so much from this with it being the last box and instead I just feel a little disappointed. 2 of the products are no good to me and 3 others I will use up but only because they are there. Definitely not because I am excited for them. The coffee scrub was the stand out product for me but even after using that and realising how messy it is i'm not sure how much use I will get from it.

Goodbye Violet Box 

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