Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Criminal by Karin Slaughter

Angie loved taking things away from other people. She was a temptress. She was a siren. She was a thief.

Ladies and gentlemen that is Angie Polaski. Honestly she is the most infuriating character that I have ever come across. I say it in every review I know but this woman just really get's under my skin and after the ending of this book I have a feeling that she isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. I honestly can't believe that I am nearly at the end of this series with just one more novella and one full book to go. Criminal was set out a bit differently to the previous books in this series and although I enjoyed it immensely I would've preferred to have had one full book for everything that happened in the past rather than chopping and changing from the past to the present and back again.

I was really looking forward to reading Criminal because the whole series has hinted at Will's past and that there is a deeper connection between Amanda and Will to what we've been seeing. This book was amazing and I didn't realise in the previous books how instrumental Evelyn was to Will's history as well. It was very hard to see that softer and much more vulnerable side to Amanda. I kept feeling like I was intruding and looking at things that I had no right seeing or hearing about. I loved seeing Evelyn and Amanda working together and their continuous struggle with equality. I would love to read more about those two working together. It made me laugh cos every time they were together or driving around I just imagined their theme song being Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce. 

We didn't really get much of Will, Sara and Faith in this book but what we did get was quite well done. I don't know how Sara is able to deal with Will being so hot and cold all the time. Then to have Angie heckling her from the sidelines as well, nope, I don't think that I would be able to handle it. I'm not impressed that there is another novella and I may just skip the novella but i'm definitely excited for the book after it which will sadly be the last book in the series. I think once I finish up with this series I might need to go back and give the Grant County series another try.

5 out of 5 Stars! 

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