Monday, 10 August 2015

Dragonfly by Leigh T. Moore

Julian drifted into my mind. He was different, and I was different with him - not desperate. Calm and smart. But my insides didn't work that way. They were torn and obsessed, and I still wanted Jack He was a bad drug that left me craving more even when it hurt me. Maybe I was the idiot.

That's right people it's a good old fashioned love triangle. I also can't help but think that Anna summed herself up perfectly in the above quote. I know, I know that's a little harsh of me but seriously Anna annoyed the crap out of me something wicked. I nearly broke my phone, my tablet and my computer screen while reading this and it was all because of bloody Anna. Alright let's calm down and back it up a bit. Dragonfly was my Free Book Friday book a couple of weeks ago and it is still free on Amazon so I will just wait here while you go and pop on over to Amazon and pick it up. 

 The story itself was interesting enough and did make for a good weekend read. It wasn't a knock your socks off book and could be frustrating at times but was still a good read. I will start with Julian as he was a favourite of mine. Usually I am torn when there is a love triangle involved but I just adored Julian and would love to have my own dragonfly ring. This poor guy had the patience of a saint when it came to Anna and it devastates me that so many people are keeping secrets from him. Julian deserves so much better than what he was getting in this book. The second guy in the love triangle was Jack and i'm sorry but I can not stand that guy. Seriously just wanted to smack him around a few times. I don't understand how someone can be so caring, loving and supportive of their sister but then be a complete jackass to others. The times where this book most frustrated me was whenever Jack was around. Anna as I have previously mentioned just frustrated the crap out of me as well. Girl needs a personality booster and needs to stop going back to the guy who only treats her like crap. She was obsessed with Jack and it was so far from healthy that it just wasn't funny.

As I have previously mentioned a few times now this book was immensely frustrating but I feel like it really started to hit it's stride towards the end. Anna was still making some questionable decisions but I was less frustrated and the journals piqued my interest as did Mr Kyser. I would like to point out that the whole drink driving thing about half way through the book raised my eyebrows and I had to re-read that section to check that I had read it correctly! The book did pick up towards the end say from about 70% of the way in so I will be picking up the next book at least just to see how the story is going to be resolved and to see what happens when all the secrets are unleashed on the world.

3 out of 5 Stars!

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