Sunday, 2 August 2015

Getting Lei'd by Ann Omasta

I'm going to give that snot-nosed little wiener a piece of my mind

Oh my goodness grandma Baggy had me laughing throughout this entire book. I wish I had a crazy granny just like her cos you can guarantee that life would never be boring. Thank you Ann for providing me with the opportunity to read this book. Here in Australia it is the middle of winter so I was dying to get lost on the shores of Hawaii. You could almost taste the yummy cocktails and feel the sun shining down on you. Seriously though where can I sign up to get a Kai of my own. That boy was just all kinds of amazing. When he dropped his big secret about half way through I nearly spat out my lunch. My reaction was exactly the same as Roxy's with the how....why....what. 

Getting Lei'd was such a sweet and funny book and honestly the time just flew by while I was reading this. I found myself laughing at the antics but then was nearly in tears when the sad part came along. Ann Omasta has done a brilliant job with not only the story line but the character's as well. It was hard not to like all of the character's and I loved how Roxy helped out Honi and Leilani as well. Some aspects of the story were a little crazy and far fetched especially towards the end but like Roxy you found yourself just throwing caution in to the wind and thinking yup you know what let's just roll with it. 

This was my first book by Ann Omasta and it certainly won't be my last. This was such a great weekend read and it makes me want to go out and do something crazy. 

4 out of 5 Stars!

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