Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Institute by Kayla Howarth

I go to shut my door when I hear Chad say, "Oh, I just banged your wife." He turns to me and winks, and I burst into laughter.

And that was the exact moment that I decided that I loved Chad. The comment is aimed at Drew and as much as I want to hate Drew there is still a part of me that keeps been drawn to him (damn them bad boys).This book had a wonderful cast of characters and I loved them all and thought that they were all very well done. I loved Tate and hope that they are going to be able to get him away from the institute. I don't know why but I kept wondering if Tate and Shilah were going to get together. I dunno just a thought maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. Can I just say that I would love to have Allira's ability. I mean she is pretty much unrestricted on what she can do and she is able to try out so many cool powers.

I thought the story was quite well paced and was really well written. I have to admit I read a few chapters yesterday but spent pretty much all of today reading this. I found it really hard to put down and it was just so easy to read. I loved all the interactions between the character's especially between Allira and Tate. The ending was fantastic and it makes you want to pick up the next book right away. Resistance, oh yeah that just has my name written all over it. I am a little concerned about how the return of a certain character will change the dynamic between Allira and Chad but I guess we will just have to read on to see how it all pans out. A huge thank you to Kayla Howarth for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I can not wait to pick up the next book, Resistance so keep an eye out for that review in the next couple of weeks.

4 out of 5 Stars!

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