Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Vegan Box - Summer Edition Unboxing

I realise it has been a while since i've done an unboxing on here. I've still been getting all my boxes. I just got lazy and stopped doing posts on them. I'm trying to be a little more organised so hopefully you will be seeing more unboxing posts in the next couple of months. A lot of the subscription boxes are taking a break over Christmas which is a little sad but completely understandable. Today I bring you The Summer Vegan Beauty Box. The Vegan Beauty Box is posted out every two months and for $49.95 you will receive 5 to 8 natural beauty products that are chemical free and free of all kinds of nasties. This is my second or third box i'm not 100% sure but I have loved the boxes and for the most part have been able to use just about all the products. I have definitely found some new favourites while receiving this box. Let's go ahead and take a look at what I received in the Summer Box:

Sambora Beach Toes Nail Polish - I was so shocked when I opened the box and saw this on top as a co-worker and myself were discussing nail polishes the day before. I told her to try the I Scream Nails (amazing brand and quality) and she was telling me to try the Beach Toes nail polishes. I was debating popping down to the surf shop to pick up a Beach Toes nail polish but it's a good thing I didn't cos now I have one to try. The colour is perfect for me and is actually a very similar colour to what I already have on my toes. Recommended Retail Price is $18.95.

Sugar Venom Premium Faux Eyelashes - I am not someone that uses fake eyelashes. I'm a mascara addict so I don't see the point in buying fake eyelashes when I have a million and one mascara's laying around. I must say looking at these eyelashes compared to others that I have seen these one's look absolutely amazing. I'm chucking this into my sisters Christmas present because I know that she will love these. Recommended Retail Price is $12.95.

The Little Alchemist Wild Apple and Mint Balancing Mist - I love mist sprays and have them all around the house, in bags and at work. The apple and mint scent definitely had me intrigued and when you first spray it there is a very strong mint scent but it soon evens out to a really beautiful and natural smell. I've chucked this on my desk at work to use. Initial use would suggest that it might be something that I would repurchase. Recommended Retail Price is $16.00.

Flora Remedies Transformative Scents - I like having roll on scents in my bag because they are generally less potent then perfumes and body sprays so they're better suited to crowded offices and rooms. I received the immunity infusion which is meant to balance out any mind problems that you may have throughout the day. I did not like the smell of this at all. I put it on my wrists and I reckon it smelt like i'd rubbed some herbs all over my arms. Not my kind of thing at all. Recommended Retail Price is $24.95

Ethique Bombshell Self Tanner - So you just knew as soon as you saw the word tanner that there was going to be a mini rant coming. I get that it is summer over here but I seriously don't know of anyone who uses tanning products. Just about every subscription box that I have received in the last 2 months has contained a tanning product and it need's to stop. If anything me and my friends have the opposite problem in Summer where we tan far too easily!! There is certainly no need to add tan to my body. This is just a wasted product for me like all the other tanning products in all the other subscription boxes. We received a sample only. Recommended Retail Price is $10.00

Happy Eyes Antiwrinkle Eye Patches - I love receiving face and eye masks especially the under eye patches. I will definitely be giving this a go on the weekend and if it works well I will definitely look at repurchasing as I'm nearing the end of all my mask samples and the lonvitalite eye masks are soooooooo expensive. Recommended Retail Price is $2.95

This box was really 50/50 for me. There are two products that will be binned instantly and that is the Flora Remedies Scent cos it smells like complete crap and the tanning product because nobody uses tanning products. The eyelashes were no good to me but I know that my sister will love them so she win's out with that one. The remaining three products though are definitely big winners and are products that I would certainly look at repurchasing if i'm happy with the results. I still can't believe that the nail polish came a day after me and my work colleague were talking about it and in a colour that I use all the time as well. I love receiving this box because it is so hard to find good natural beauty products and this way you get to try out products that you otherwise wouldn't know about. Bye for now guys!

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