Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Killing Floor by Lee Child

I was under arrest. In a town where i'd never been before. Apparently for murder. But I knew two things. First, they couldn't prove something had happened if it hadn't happened. And second, I hadn't killed anybody. Not in their town, and not for a long time, anyway.

 Well that was one hell of an action packed story! This book has received a lot of mixed reviews and I must say that having finally finished the book I'm left with somewhat mixed feelings about it. Let's start with the size of this book. It was 525 freaking pages which I knew from the start would probably be a problem for me. I tend to get bored when reading massive books and although the action in this kept you interested you were continuously checking to see how much was left. I feel like there was quite a few scenes that could've been cut out to bring the size right down and a lot of unnecessary descriptions could've been left out. We all want the good guy to come out on top but the ease with which Jack took out the bad guys continuously was a little over the top. It did sometimes feel like a cheesy Arnie action movie just in book form. The writing at times could also be a bit stunted especially when there was dialogue between two characters. It became a lot of I said, she said, I said, she said etc.

I had one mole figured out and the big baddie I had narrowed down between 2 so it wasn't a huge surprise for me when that was announced but I still enjoyed the unveiling. I really liked Jack as a character. For me Jack was the best part of the story. I enjoyed his military smarts and the way that he went about taking down the baddies. I really enjoyed the parts where he was in prison and did get the odd giggle out of the story. Although we did see a slightly softer side to Jack he is pretty much just one hell of a bad ass character. The supporting characters were all pretty good for the most part as well. Looking back I can't really think of anyone that I didn't enjoy reading about.

At the end of the day I did enjoy this story and if it had've been condensed down by say 100 pages I think I would've enjoyed it a hell of a lot more. A lot of the middle stuff looking back was just page filler and the ending all came about really quickly and abruptly. I'm torn because a lot of people that I trust in reading terms strongly recommend this series but I'm not 100% convinced that I want to continue on with it. At this stage I think I will put this series to the side and I may come back to it a later date.

3 out of 5 Stars!

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