Friday, 18 December 2015

Panic by Lauren Oliver

Nobody believed that Panic would stop, of course. The game must go on. The game always went on.

Alrighty, where to start with this one. To be honest i'm not 100% sure how I felt about this book as my feelings changed continuously while I was reading it. There may be possible spoilers ahead so please be careful. I have tried to be vague but you've been warned just in case. I felt like Panic had a very good story line and it was written really well. I love stories that involve dangerous games and dares so I was really looking forward to reading this. For the most part the game was done really well. The challenges were scary and deadly enough and definitely had me questioning what I would've and wouldn't have done for that much money and it was a hell of a lot of money. I may be a big old wimp but the stuff they were doing was just crazy. I really don't think that I could've gone through with many of those challenges if any at all. My issue with the challenges was that it got to the point where the challenges were no longer affecting the competitors but innocent people who had no connection to the game at all. Those people did not deserve the stresses and heartache that was placed on them. 

I found it very hard to believe that the judge who i'm going to call obvious judge because you saw it from the very start really would've spoken up right before the final challenge. If you were promised a large amount of money you don't just all of a sudden fess up. If you're going to lie to everyone and participate in that way you may as well see it through to the end so that you at least still get the money. The character's themselves were all okay but nothing too spectacular. I know Nat had something bad happen to her throughout the story but she still annoyed the crap out of me and I really didn't care for her as a character. Heather's reason for participating in Panic was stupid but the reason she kept going with Panic was understandable and you really wanted to see her get the money. The things that she was doing for herself and Lily were incredible but it does make you wonder how other's weren't picking up on their living situation. I understood where Dodge was coming from and really felt for him but at the same time he could be a bit of an ass. 

I get that a lot of people would've liked the ending but I personally didn't care for it. I thought Lauren Oliver was going to take it in a direction that would've served them all right but she pulled it back at the very last minute. Dagnamit, I feel like if it had've ended the other way I would've pushed this rating to 4 stars cos it would've blown my mind.  I doubt other's would've felt the same way though. Panic was definitely better suited to me than what Delirium was and I do have another Lauren Oliver book on my TBR list so I will probably get around to that one soon.

3 out of 5 Stars!

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