Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vegan Box - September Unboxing

I recently unsubscribed from a lot of my beauty subscription boxes in favour of something a little different. As a reader and a person who works in an office every day I find myself snacking all the time and although i'm not a big girl there is always some room there to slim down and tone up. So a key way to do this is out with the oh so good junk food and in with some healthier options. Don't fret I have some japan candy on the way so there will be some yummy junk food coming to my blog very soon but for now to the healthier side of life. There wasn't a lot of food subscription boxes out there so I decided to go for Vegan Box. Vegan Box is a monthly subscription box that costs $26.95 per month plus $3 postage within Australia. They also have a Vegan Beauty Box which costs $49.95 and it is sent out every two months. The next beauty box is scheduled to be sent out in October and it has already sold out! I may order the box after that though. 

So let's move on and take a look at what I received in my box. I do remember there being a piece of paper in the box and I somehow lost it on my office desk so i'm not sure if they would normally tell us the recommended retail prices for each of the items. For this month though I will just have to provide some brief information below.

  • Freedom Confectionery Vegetarian Strawberry Mallows. 75g bag.
  • Naked Seeds Pancake Mix with Maca and Chia. 90g bag.
  • Stripped Coconut Crisps in Hot & Spicy. 60g bag.
  • Cuppa and Co Cheeky Chai. 45g box.
  • Tailor Masque - Detoxing Facial Treatment. 7g sample.
  • Fine Fettle Barbecue Flecks. 30g bag.

I tried the Stripped Coconut Crisps first and it was weird because it was so coconutty at first and then this crazy hot flavour comes from nowhere and knocks your socks and your undies off. I did like them but they were just way too spicy for me. My husband and I then tried the strawberry mallows and they were very, very yummy. The Fine Fettle Flecks were quite yummy but not fantastic. They've made for a pretty good office snack though throughout the day. I haven't tried the tea yet but I was so excited to get the cheeky chai mix and will be giving this a whirl later on tonight. I was going to make the pancakes on the weekend so if they come out good I will post some photo's over the weekend. I also love me a good mask but normally use my masks over the weekend so I will give the mask a go over the weekend as well. 

All in all I really enjoyed this box and was happy that I was able to eat/drink pretty much everything that came. It was also better then chowing down on biscuits, chocolate and coffee all day. This is definitely a box that I will continue to get.

Apologies to you all for the lack of posts lately but life has been out of control with workmen both at the office and at home. I'm hoping that things have finally quietened down a bit and I should be back to normal over the next couple of weeks.

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