Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tokyo Treat - September Unboxing

Forgive the photo having work equipment in the background what can I say I was excited to get this uploaded. As I mentioned earlier this month I've given up a few of the beauty subscription boxes in favour of food boxes cos who doesn't love food! I ordered this box and then realised with the current exchange rate how expensive it was so I figured I would only get the one box. Yeah well forget that shit cos I've ordered another box and I reckon I will continue to get it on a monthly basis. Does it fit in with my clean, healthy eating diet no way but we all need to have snack food around as well. Tokyo Treat offers a number of subscription box sizes and this is the premium box which is the biggest. The premium box will set you back 35 US Dollars each month. I have to point out that it is US Dollars because our exchange rate is so terrible at the moment that this box actually ends out being around 50 Australian Dollars. Each month you should receive 13 to 17 full size candy and snacks and this will include 2 DIY kits and 1 special item. Let's take a look at what I received this month:

Vegetable Oopsy-Daisy Consomme Snack: Dried veggie snacks. Healthy grains give way to vegetable flavours through green and yellow biscuits.

Crackling Panic Cola: Cola flavoured candy bites with crackling and fizzing powers.

Rilakkuma Pretzels: Honey butter pretzel biscuits.

Deep Sea Gummy Picture Book: Make your own fruity sea-creature gummies with this gummy DIY kit.

Lotte Koala's March Strawberries: Buttery, crisp koala-shaped biscuits with a strawberry cream filling.

Red Bull Taste Hunter Gummy: Gummies with the energy taste mixed with honey.

Fujiya Milky Candy: Thick and soft milk chew candy.

BAKE Cookies & Cream Flavour Chocolate: Baked crisp cookies with a sweet and creamy interior.

Monster Stamps: A hard-type of soda sweet that can actually be used as a stamp, through licking and wetting.

Pretz Soy Sauce Biscuits: Limited edition Pretz stick biscuits have been dipped in soy sauce.

Ribbon's Jelly Grape Can Drink: Appearing as a beverage, this canned drink is actually a refreshing jelly snack.

Round-n-Round Takoyaki: Artificial octopus and mayonnaise made from flour. DIY Kit.

Genghis Khan Caramel: Meat and garlic lamb flavours in a caramel.

Potato Chips Fatty Tuna Flavour: Chips with flavouring that is a mixture of soy sauce, avocado and wasabi.

I couldn't believe how much food was in this box it was amazing. I'm really excited for the Rilakkuma Pretzels and the Bake Cookies and Cream Flavour Chocolate. I am scared of the Genghis Kan Caramel, the Fatty Tuna Potato Chips and the Red Bull Taste Hunter Gummies. I am also hopeless at the DIY Kits so they should be very interesting. I have to say that I was surprised at how amazing this box was. I guess I should hold off on judging it until I have tasted everything but at first glance it looks like a very interesting mix. I've actually ordered the Japan Candy box from the same people I think that do my Kawaii Box so it will be interesting to compare the two boxes. 


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