Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kawaii Box - September Unboxing

I think that this is my last Kawaii box cos I only had a six month subscription. At this stage i've decided not to renew it cos i'm trying to cut costs but I wouldn't rule out maybe getting it again in the new year once i've had a chance to try out a few other boxes. I always loved getting the Kawaii Box because it was full of so much cuteness. You're able to use most of the products each month and what I couldn't use I passed on to my nieces. You generally receive 10 - 12 Kawaii items and the Kawaii Box is set up with a few different subscription options. I was signed up to the 6 month subscription which ended out being $17.90 per month which is really cheap considering what you get. They also do a monthly subscription and that will cost you $18.90 per month. They also have a Japan Candy Box which I subscribed to on a monthly basis and i'm currently waiting for that box to arrive. If you're interested in the Japan Candy box it is $18.90 for 6 months and $19.90 for a monthly subscription. Its funny because even though the Kawaii Box is shipped from overseas it generally arrives before the end of the month which is amazing service. They also have an online store which I have ordered through and I've never been disappointed. The store is Blippo and if you use the code kawaiilove at checkout you will receive 10% off your order.

Now on to the exciting part. Here is what I received in my box this month:

Kawaii Neko Plush
Tin Dinosaur Pencil Case
Macaron Ink Pen
Cloud Memory Letter Set
Korean Deco Tape
Polka Dots Shoe Laces
Popsicle Squishy Charm
Mini Animal Spray Bottle
Alpaca Tin Case
Puffy Paradise Stickers
Naru Naru Gumi Nomi DIY Candy Kit

Between all of my subscription boxes I have received so many DIY candy kits so I really need to use them up. It is a long weekend here in Western Australia so I might pull them all out and give them all a whirl. Might even see if the husband wants to get in on the action and help me out. I was quite happy with this box. I loved the shoe laces, the pen, the pencil case and my favourite item the neko plush. There wasn't really anything here that I didn't like so it was a definite win this month. In one way i'm sad to see the end of this box but I have so much stuff to use up. I think if I did decide to subscribe again I would probably do it on a monthly basis so that I could take a break from it every months.

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