Sunday, 20 September 2015

R.I.P Jackie Collins

Like many others I awoke to the news this morning that Jackie Collins had passed away. I still remember the first ever Jackie Collins book I read which was American Star. I remember being a teenager and feeling so adult and rebellious for reading it. I then followed it up with Chances which is the first book in the Lucky Santangelo series. Over the years I then read many more of her books and enjoyed every one of them. Luckily for me my mum collected Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Jackie Collins so I always had a good selection of books nearby. There is nobody who writes sensual romance stories like Jackie Collins. She was a true goddess when it came to writing about money, power and of course sex.

In honor of the one and only Jackie Collins I will be going back to where it all began for me and will spend next weekend (long weekend woohoo) reading American Star and Chances. I will then be making the Lucky Santangelo series my next series read. From memory when I last read it I think I stopped about half way through. All I can say is look out husband!

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