Saturday, 31 October 2015

November TBR Pile

That's right people you read that correctly it is November. Like most years Christmas is again sneaking up on us so I have panic mode on standby cos we have so many people to buy for. October was a bit of a fail month for reading for me. Once again work got in the way quite a bit but not only that I also found that the book's that I was picking up I just wasn't really in to. It wasn't the books fault though oh no it was entirely my fault, I just wasn't in the reading mood. Standout books for me in October were definitely Creep by Jennifer Hillier, Joe Victim by Paul Cleave and Don't Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey. Let's take a look at what I will be reading in the month of November.

  • Series Read: Continuing on with my obsession with Paul Cleave I have picked his Theodore Tate series to hopefully be my series read for the next 4 months and the first book in this series is Cemetery Lake. I have been majorly impressed by Paul Cleave so far so I'm really excited to pick up this one.

  • Husbands PickEach month I get my husband to pick out a random book for me from my TBR List. This month he chose What Happened in Between by L.J. Scar. I recently picked this book up for just $1 on Amazon! Can you believe that, that is so cheap. Because it was so cheap I'm a little scared about whether or not it will be any good but i'm excited to find out.

  • Take Down That TBR: Each month I pick up the first book that is listed on my TBR list and this month it is The Broken Road by Melissa Huie. I must admit I was a little undecided when I saw this book come up but i'm ready to give it a shot. It's been on my TBR list since the 5th October 2014 so it's definitely about time that I read it.

  • November Book of the Month: This months book of the month is going to be Need by Joelle Charbonneau. This book is going to be releasing on the 3rd November and is a book involving a social networking site so it definitely has me intrigued. 

  • Wildcard Book: I knew what book I was going to be picking as my wildcard ages ago because it is releasing on the 3rd November. It is of course the one and only Untamed by S.C. Stephens which also happens to be the fourth book in the Thoughtless series. I have been dying to read Griffin's book and will no doubt be reading this the very second that it is released.

I also want to give a special mention to Lost Girls by Angela Marsons which is being released on the 6th November and is the third book in the D.I. Kim Stone series. I have pre-ordered a copy of that book as well so in total 3 pre-orders this month which is a little crazy and costly haha. I'm fairly excited about this month and one could say that I've played it a little safe with my choices this month but that is just because of the epic fail that was October. I'm hoping to have a review up today/tomorrow for the book that I am currently reading and then I will be making a start on this TBR pile. Let me know what you are going to be reading this month and if you have any pre-orders that will finally be coming through in November.

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