Sunday, 4 October 2015

Chances by Jackie Collins

Lucky Santangelo. Daughter of his lifelong best friend, Gino. Bitch. Child. Liberated Lady. Temptress. 

 Lucky Santangelo is one of those character's that you never forget about. I first read this book as a teenager. I think I was about 15 or 16 at the time and I felt like such a rebel whenever I read this book/series. 12 or so years later and I still get shivers and that naughty feeling while reading this. I was deeply saddened recently when I heard about the passing of Jackie Collins so I decided to pick up a few of her books again for old times sake and I'm so glad that I did. I am not a person who has the patience for very long books but for some reason I could just read a Jackie Collins book for days on end. I never get sick of it. I love reading the gangland and mafia type books and this book serves up all that and so much more.

I am yet to find another author who can consistently write fantastic romance stories like Jackie Collins. I absolutely love reading the antics of Lucky and Gino. Gino is one of those character's where you know he is an asshole especially to most women and yet if he came knocking on the door there is no way in the world that you would turn him down. As a teenager I fell in love with Gino and as an adult I'm still in love with Gino even though he is a rotten scoundrel. I forgot how much you can get caught up in a Jackie Collins book and there was lengthy periods of time passing by without me even realising it. The ending to this book was just perfection. I love how you never know who is going to die and who will still be alive at the end. 

I can't believe how easily I fell back into Lucky's world and can't believe that I have let so many years pass by without picking up a Jackie Collins book. I have Lucky here ready to go and will be starting that next weekend. I also have Amercian Star here ready to go as well. Don't be surprised if you see quite a few Jackie Collins books popping up on here between now and the end of the year. 

4 out of 5 Stars!

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