Friday, 30 October 2015

Don't Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey

The ice-green eyes are the only thing left of her beauty. The rest has been taken. Beating by beating, week by week, year by year, who she used to be has been erased, leaving the monster behind. Medusa, maybe. So ugly, people would run screaming if she ever left the house. He's right about a couple of thing; no man will ever look at her again without recoiling in disgust and she derserves what she's gotten. Stupidity has a price, and in her case, it came very steep.

That was one of our very first introductions to Nicole and reading back on it you can really see the major change's that she take's throughout the story. In fact remembering Nicole at the end of the book and then going back and re-reading the above which was from the start of the book just breaks your heart all over again. There are truly no words to describe how much of a terrible monster John was and the things that he did to Nicole repeatedly were horrifying. What makes this story more shocking is that many women live with domestic violence every day and it honestly just breaks my heart to think of those women and their children.

Although this book has a lot of dark moments in it, it also has some really beautiful and funny moments. I loved the first time that Agnes came over with the cup of coffee and loved the book pretty much every time that Liam made an appearance. Nicole was a very captivating main character but she definitely had support from Brian and Liam. What can I say I think everyone after reading this book would want a Brian and Liam of their own. Hell throw in Helen and Agnes to the mix and you wouldn't need anybody else.

I think that Elle Casey dealt with the domestic violence issue really, really well. I feel that she captured it perfectly and I like that Nicole's recovery wasn't rushed. The horrors that Nicole went through are not something that you just get over instantly and the pacing was done terrifically. Nicole moved forward with her recovery but also had those moments where it was almost like one step forward, two steps back. 

I think it's safe to say that Elle Casey is now one of those author's that I have added to my auto-buy list. She is currently running at 3 from 3 and although all 3 books have been quite different to each other I have loved them all equally. Her writing just manages to suck me in each and every time whether she is writing a funny love story or a more darker love story. I can't wait to pick up more from Elle Casey and now I just need to decide which book of hers will be next.

4 out of 5 Stars

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