Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bellabox - June 2015 Box

Bellabox is an australian monthly subscription box which costs $17.95. Bellabox was actually my first ever subscription box and to this day they are the most consistent when it comes to delivery times. My box was actually received on the 25th June (I've just been a bit slow with getting it on here.) I've cancelled and resubscribed to this box so many times now that it's just ridiculous. The boxes can be very hit and miss and can be rather skin care based. I keep going back to this box though as it has probably been the most successful box in regards to me purchasing products after trying them. They also offer samples of brands that you don't have to break the money bank for. There is often a good balance of expensive to inexpensive products. 

Now on to the products, this month we received the following:
- Universal Beauty Cosmetics Nude Pink Tint Stick - Full Size Product - Recommended Retail Price $19.99
- Original Source Skin Quench Watermelon and Jojoba Oil - Full Size Product - Recommended Retail Price $4.99
- Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tube - Full Size Sample - Recommended Retail Price $6.95
- Ivadore Tanning Treatment - 20ml Sample - Recommended Retail Price for 120ml $55.00
- Modelco Exfoliating and Cleansing All Natural Facial Wipes - 1 x Wipe - Recommended Retail Price for 25 wipes $7.99

Bonus Item
Palmolive Naturals Active Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner - 4 x samples - Recommended Retail Price for 350ml $4.99

I had very mixed feelings about this months box. The nude pink tint was more of a hot pink tint so this did nothing for me but other people would've like it. I was happy with the Original Source Skin body wash as we go through so much body wash in our house so to keep costs down we only ever buy the 500ml or 1l bottles depending on what's on special so to receive a beautiful smelling full sized bottle was fab.My favourite product in the box was the Burts Bees Lip Balm. While you could argue that we receive far too many lip balms in these boxes Burts Bees is one of my all time favourite brands so I just love receiving their prodcuts. I don't tan so the tanning product wasn't to my liking and I used the facial wipe because ModelCo is a skincare brand that I use and I actually already have these wipes at home. I think receiving only one wipe was a bit of a joke, we should've been given a few of them at least. I hate receiving sachet samples but gave the shampoo and conditioner samples a go. They were a bonus item so can't really complain and they were okay when I used them. Overall this box was probably a little on the miss side but other people who were able to use the lip tint would've got good value from this box. Can't wait to see what comes in next months box.

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