Monday, 29 June 2015

Harley Quinn and Catwoman Funko Pops

I'm a person who loves to collect things but i'm also the kind of person who changes my mind a lot so be prepared to see a lot of different collectibles popping up on my blog. A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to collect the funko pops but because of the price and my many interests I decided I would only get one a month. Luckily for you guys as I hadn't started my blog last month you will get to see 2 funko pops this month. I've decided to start with the characters from batman cos I love Harley Quinn and of course love all the characters from Batman. After that I want to get probably the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter pops but there are a lot of random ones that I really want as well. 

I bought my husband a Goku pop this month and I have to say the paint job on his Goku was much better than the paint job on my Harley and Catwoman. I absoloutly love my Harley Quinn pop and she has been shown to everyone from my work and everyone that walks into our house. She also sits here at my computer with me. I'm actually thinking I need to collect a lot more Harley merchandise cos she is just my all time favourite character. I just love her craziness. I will admit to being a little disappointed in my Catwoman. Its hard to put into words but she just doesn't look right. Online I thought she looked really good but yeah very disappointed in her once she came.

I'm not sure who I want to get next month. Its a toss up at the moment between Poison Ivy so that I would have all the girls or if I should get Joker so that him and Harley can be together.I should also point out that because I am so pathetic I will also be getting the multiple Harley, Joker and Batman figures.

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