Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Game of Thrones - Season 5 Review


So I'm pretty sure I might be in the minority here but I didn't enjoy this season as much as the previous seasons. In fact I think the last two have been of a somewhat lesser quality than the seasons before them. Don't get me wrong it's still one of my all time favourite shows and is a world above nearly all other tv shows, it just wasn't quite up to the normal Game of Thrones standard.

Let's start with the the Stark girls shall we. Arya used to be my second favourite character on Game of Thrones and to me this season for the majority they hid everything that was good about Arya (does anyone else miss the hound). I will admit though that they bought her back to her awesomess in the final episode and watching her stabby stab moment was amazing. I was cheering at the screen and was so excited. On to Sansa, she has been a constant frustration for me since way back in season 1. I keep waiting for her moment to come for her to take charge of her life and finally do something to free herself from everyone but she still just didn't quite get there. Now my husband argued that she did escape and correct she did but she still relied on the help of someone else. I want to see her become a warrior of sorts. Instead of going to the tower for help I wanted to see her just break free and run away on her own.

Speaking of people that I want to see take charge. I tell you what Kings Landing is going to be destroyed once Cersei is back on her feet. The whole time she was doing that walk of shame my husband and me were just saying to each other shits gonna get real next season, she is going to destroy everyone who was involved. It will be interesting to see what happens with that whole Myrcella story line as well. Can we just take a moment now to appreciate the Sand Snakes. They were brilliant and this season could have been so much better if we got to see more of them. I am hoping and praying that they play a huge part in season 6 cos I just love them.

I like that Tyrion has joined up with Daenerys but I found myself not really caring too much about what Daenerys was doing. I feel like to stay relevant she needs to start doing more and be more leaderlike. Hopefully her story will develop more in season 6 cos at the moment I feel like she is just falling to the side. 

Now for the biggest and most shocking moment of all. Jon Snow. Jon Snow has been a favourite of mine since I first laid eyes on him in season 1 and I am just beyond devastated at the moment. I had hoped that he would go north earlier in the season but now he is just gone. I'm not ruling him as dead yet as I'm wondering if he really is gone or if Melisandre has come back just in time to work some of her magic on him. I was not surprised by the Night's Watch turning on him. You knew that it was coming and i'm just glad that Sam and Gilly got out of there before it happened.

Game of Thrones provided it's usual moments throughout the season. Jon Snow dying at the end ranked third in my screaming at the screen moments. The second biggest screaming at the screen moment was when Sansa was being raped by Ramsay and Theon stood by and watched. The thing that angered me most this season and nearly resulted in a broken screen was when Shireen was burned alive. This scene made me so angry and I got angry all over again when I watched the finale and even while typing this I am still fuming and swearing about how all of that went down. 

So that's my thoughts on the most recent Game of Thrones season and in particular the final episode. It's a little all over the place but hey that happens sometimes. Now begins the long wait for season 6 which will hopefully up it's game and go back to the old Game of Thrones that I love. I'm wondering now if I really should read the books as well.

4 out of 5 Stars!

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