Friday, 6 November 2015

What Happened In Between by L.J. Scar

I no longer know what's true anymore. I definitely don't know what I want. Guiltily I wonder if i'm subconsciously stringing them both along because they hurt me so badly before. 

This book could be very frustrating at times and it is actually the second book in a row now where I have enjoyed the story a hell of a lot more than I have enjoyed the characters themselves. We may as well start with Laken as this is her story. I understood her doubts and the indecision when it came to choosing between Ian and Seth but she definitely dragged the whole thing out for far too long. I also couldn't believe that two guys would've just happily stood by while the other was around and while she was pinballing between the two. I honestly couldn't decide who I liked more between the two until things all came about towards the end and in the end I feel like Laken made the best choice. Laken also really frustrated me to start with but by the end of the book she really grew as a character and started to become the kind of character you could really get behind.

I often got confused by the massive amount of character's that were coming and going especially Mary, Mandy, Morgan and Maire I mean come on now seriously and then you had a Devon, David, Alex and Rick. The story was enjoyable though and I often found myself getting lost in the book with time just flying by and me not realising it. I loved the relationship between Laken and Kona because it reminded me so much of the relationship between me and my dog Diesel. 

I didn't realise that this book isn't a standalone but it does end in a place where if you wanted to you wouldn't have to read the second book. I'm a little intrigued by the idea of Cole though so I will be continuing on with the next book. I just hope that we get the Laken from the end of the book rather than the frustrating Laken. Although I did like Seth I also feel like his story is done now so I'm hoping the next book won't drag out his story more. I have quite a few books to read before I get to Solitude Interrupted but keep an eye out for the review in the next month or two.

3 out of 5 Stars!

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