Friday, 20 November 2015

Need by Joelle Charbonneau

NEED: Something required because it is essential. Something very important that you cannot live without. What do you need.

I could think of a million things that I like to think that I need but when it all boils down to it they really are all just wants. This book was so hard to put down. I know there has been some really mixed reviews for this book but I 100% loved it. Although a little confusing at the start I enjoyed all the small chapters from the other character's as it was interesting to see what they felt like they needed and what they were willing to do to get what they wanted. It was also interesting to have the different points of view and how certain character's felt after they carried out their task. Both Kaylee and Nate were just average characters for me. I actually found myself enjoying the chapters from Bryan, Ethan and Sydney more than the Kaylee chapters. 

You can't deny that Social Media is just everywhere now days and it can be used as a weapon. A lot of people especially teenagers are able to be manipulated fairly easily. Maybe not as easily and to the same extremes as some of the characters in this book but swapping cookies or a note for an iphone or ipad, I could see a lot of teenagers doing that. I actually did a little survey throughout the office and a lot of people agreed. I wasn't overly surprised at the end by the person who was overseeing the site but the whole government side of it was a little hard to believe. Although I suppose you could argue that it was a simple government project to start with and that a nutcase overtook it and changed the direction. You could also argue that hey it is the government and who knows what goes on there.  

I had pre-ordered this book because the synopsis intrigued me immensely and the cover drew me in instantly. I was not disappointed by this book and was sad when it ended. It is listed as being a standalone book but the ending does leave it open to the possibility for additional books. I would personally love to see another book especially as I feel like person x at the end could take it to a much more dangerous level and really up the stakes plus I would just love to get a look inside his mind. 

4 out of 5 Stars!

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